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Get immediate access to the 12-part course curriculum for up-to-date job search strategies, 2 weekly live coaching sessions until you land your role, access to a quality job search community, bonuses, and more!

  • 1

    Welcome to The Job Search Membership Program!

    • Norms and Expectations

    • The Fine Print (Terms & Conditions)

    • Verification Letter for Unemployment Benefits

    • U.S. Tax Code - FUN! This course can be tax deductible.

  • 2

    The Biggest Job Search Mistakes You Might Be Making Right Now

    • Intro to Module One

    • Job Search Mistakes

    • Job Search Diagnosis (1).pdf

    • The Goldilocks Assessment

  • 3

    The "Get Hired" System

    • Get Hired Ladder

    • How a Job Is Born

  • 4

    Your Zone of Genius

    • Your Personal Brand Elements

    • Personal Branding Worksheet

    • Get Branded – 360º Review

    • Personal Branding Workbook

    • Personal Brand Statement

    • Brag File Builder

  • 5

    The Hollywood Principle

    • Which Leadership Style is Right for You?

    • The Informational Interview Template

    • Informational Interview Spreadsheet Template

    • Company Fit

    • Your Dream Company

  • 6


    • Personal Positioning

    • Personal Positioning Worksheet

  • 7

    Your Authority Platform

    • Become a Networking Genius

    • Exactly What I'm Looking For

  • 8

    Your Superstar Resume & LinkedIn Profile

    • Starting On Your Resume

    • Your Personal Brand Statement

    • How to Tweak Your Resume

    • Resume Samples

    • Let's Play "Go Hire Yourself!"

    • Your Perfect LinkedIn Headline Formula

  • 9

    The Winner's Circle

    • Find Great Companies

    • Company and Position Research Resources

    • Target Company Spreadsheet

  • 10

    Interviewing & Negotiation

    • Interview Prep Pack

    • Negotiation & Salary Benchmarking

    • How to Negotiate Your Job Offer

  • 11

    Congrats! Here's what's next!

    • You're Invited!!

    • 💰 Want to help others and get paid? 💰

    • Did you enjoy this group? I have a favor to ask . . . 📝

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“I highly recommend Jessica’s job search class! I was skeptical at first that a group of random job searchers could help me with my career goals, but I found the input of the other group members extremely valuable! Jess’s facilitation of the group was spot on, and I learned so much from her branding materials! I went into the group overwhelmed with the prospect of updating my resume and LinkedIn page, and came out with top notch versions of both!”

Barbara Jenks, SHRM-SCP